Crass, insensitive and pointless.

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My reference is to one of the major newspapers running the explicit pictures of the humane dispatch of a terribly injured racehorse.

Animal Aid and the paper in question have shot themselves well and truly in the foot.

The only people who will be impelled to give anything to this ‘charity’ would be those who have little or no knowledge of any horse sports or connections of these revered animals.

Another major animal charity and others whom have aggressively pursued racing and hunting have done so at very great cost to themselves. Not only have they ill-used millions in sterling given as donations denigrating these perfectly legal sports in their self-promoting and political agendas, they have lost tens of millions, which the most generous supporters of horse-sports used to give.

I and many others I know, now do not and would not give one brass farthing to such cheap-trick organisations and instead support our small local rescue kennels, whom do so much to help so selflessly animals desperate to be re-homed, on the smallest of budgets.

Mrs G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor