Councils missed a planning trick

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EDITOR – In response to the letter by Mr Hall in the Market Rasen Mail (December 14), I would like to say that I completely agree with what he said about petrol prices at Tesco in Linwood Road. At Tesco in Brigg this week it was five pence cheaper than here.

We also do not buy our petrol from Tesco in Market Rasen or any other Tesco store, but buy elsewhere.

I try to buy most things in town, and from the few market stalls that we have in Market Rasen.

On a separate issue, I think Market Rasen Town Council/West Lindsey District Council missed a golden opportunity when Tesco applied for planning permission to build the store in Linwood Road. They should have asked for funding for a swimming pool for Market Rasen and the surrounding villages residents.

If they (Tesco) can build football stadiums in other towns I do not think this funding would have been an unreasonable request.


Linwood Chase