Councils - Change the leadership

Just a thought for Christmas, now that we know Government funding is safe for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass till 2019, will the County Council suddenly discover that, as a result of its on-going pressure on the Government for extra funds, it will be able to afford the dual carriageway version as originally planned. I expect the County Council would rather find the extra £20M do this than simply admit it just got its decisions wrong at Three Planning Committee meetings in the first place.

However, in spite of assurances of Westminster funding, £35M is still to come from West Lindsey, North Kesteven and Lincoln Citys’ future income from the Community Infrastructure Levy. To me this seems doubtful for two reasons.

Firstly, planning applications are flooding in so fast it could be 10 or 15 years before CIL money starts to flow and second I do not believe District Councillors in West Lindsey have yet been asked to approve the spend. I certainly have not and I have been a Councillor since 2011. If Councillors are not consulted something is wrong with the local government process. If they are to be or were consulted, next years UKIP influx may wish to reconsider the decision. After all how can a road bring 30,000 jobs to the area. It is nonsense. I want the bypass: I want a proper bridge at Hawthorn Road: I do not want all the nonsense that has surrounded the road and nor do I want to pay for the road with my council tax. The County Council will recoup £Millions from the resale of compulsorily purchased land and future council tax revenue. More than enough to pay for the road.

Doing some simple sums it would seem that not only was £100M spent unnecessarily on the incinerator, £62M Government funding was lost on the bypass in 2010 and now across the three districts we could lose £200M worth of CILs because the JPU did not get it right first time! Then we have the money wasted on the judicial review and the planning inquiry and a 9 metre wide heavy “duty horse” bridge spanning a small beck in Stainton by Langworth. In total it is an awful lot of money just wasted through lax management.

Under normal business circumstances a change of management would be in order. Football Clubs and Tescos are good examples. In local government it seems it is the players that are fired rather than the management.

Perhaps someone could explain the reasoning to me.

Merry Christmas

Chris Darcel

WLDC Councillor for Fiskerton