Councillors should put issues aside and serve

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It is a bit unedifying to witness our elected representatives brawling in public.

I refer of course to the recent letters relating to WLDC spending and the Webcast of the September WLDC meeting where it all appears to have kicked off.

There was/is seemingly a difference of opinion on the matter of how much money actually is sloshing about and how it should be used.

Given that any one of the numbers bandied around in the Webcast was correct in the first place it requires only 
 rudimentary ability in maths to work out that Coun 
Keimach, in his letter of 28th Nov 2012, failed to demonstrate where it has all sloshed to.

This may or may not be 
important and one is not of course suggesting any impropriety, merely reminding our elected representatives that some of us can do “timeses and gosintos”.

Whilst it is good to know that our district council is now a paperless office the notion that this is “the modern IT way” is a bit quaint; modern, one feels, only in the same sense that a Ford Escort is a modern car, so maybe we are just playing catch up?

The saving of 70 grand is of course a good thing and to be commended; but putting it in perspective, as a percentage reduction in overall costs it appears to be nought point something.

Come on chaps ,stop 
slagging each other, there’s a lot of catching up to do and jobs to be jobbed.

Have the barney down the pub after you have done the 
business and serve the 

Maybe a Harry S. Truman quote would be in order.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

Peter Street

Middle Rasen