Councillors should pull 
together to effect change

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EDITOR – I have heard there is a lobby on the town council against change in Market Rasen.

Does this mean the people of this town will have to put up with the atrocious traffic conditions well into this century?

How can the people of this lovely town engender some enterprise from the people in power to support change in this area, to ensure that quality of life in Market Rasen is re-established.

Daily, large articulated trucks thunder through the town oblivious to traffic laws and violations. Roads with weight-carrying capacity restrictions are ignored completely. Take, for example, George Street, with a limit of 7.5tns, which is continually providing amusement for concerned citizens when trailer-pulling lorries of almost double the weight limit are stranded.

I even witnessed the bus having to drive through town to find somewhere to manoeuvre safely as traffic blocks George Street all the time.

Pedestrians standing too close to the kerb risk losing more than their sanity, children are continually frightened by the sheer size. They look big to me; imagine what they must look like to a child.

No one expects the town council to pull a rabbit from the hat, however, coming together to effect some change would not be remiss of them.

Putting their weight behind a campaign to lobby West Lindsey would be a start. It’s no good begging for better broadband from companies already planning updates for 2015, when business needs to have the environment changed before Market Rasen turns into a dust town.

If the town council does not want to change Market Rasen, perhaps the people should look to MR BIG, as they seem to be the only group who can get things done.

Steve Hine

Hawthorn House, Kirkby-cum-Osgodby