Councillor’s only trying to serve his voters

EDITOR – I was most disappointed to read of Geoff Wiseman’s suspension from West Lindsey District Council.

Coun Wiseman has his faults. Indeed, he has accepted some of these failings according to the article in last week’s Rasen Mail.

My main concerns in this matter are two-fold. Firstly, the circumstances which seem to have led to Coun Wiseman’s frustration with council officials are not revealed.

I cannot pretend to be aware of the circumstances in this case, but, knowing Coun Wiseman, I am convinced that anything he does is with the interest of the electorate at heart.

As an elector, I am more than happy if my councillor ruffles a few feathers in the quest for information regarding council procedures and spending.

Of course we now live in a world where seeking answers from council officials to awkward questions is described as harassment and raising the tone of one’s voice by a mere decibel becomes bullying.

My second concern is the lack of support given to Coun Wiseman by the Conservative Group, who, knowing him to be a proverbial “loose cannon”, were more than happy to back him throughout the election process in order to gain a majority of seats on West Lindsey District Council.

I note that one of their number has already advertised himself as being available to the residents of Middle Rasen in Coun Wiseman’s absence.

This particular individual is not, if the information in last week’s Rasen Mail is correct, the recommended person to be contacted where help might be required.

The main losers in all this are, of course, the populace of Middle Rasen, who have been deprived, for a period of four months, of an honest, caring and passionate councillor who has been of great help to many during his term of office.

I applaud Coun Wiseman for what he is trying to achieve on our behalf and wish that some of our other councillors would also have the courage to take council officials to task where it is appropriate.

Coun Keimach’s “no comment” says it all for me.

Stuart W Hogg

Dear Street, Market Rasen