Council - We need more than just one

Re: Unitary authority proposal. For sure there will be more work for parish and town councils to do if we get this unitary authority.

Some seem to want all our district councils to disappear.

The districts aren’t so sure that’s a good idea.

A cloned new ‘county council’ with huge powers over a massive area and remote from the outposts of its empire.

One wonders who might be the ‘emperor’ and what the true costs will be.

While I agree with the principle of unitary authorities, a single one-administering all of the huge, current Lincolnshire County Council area would be too remote to cover our very diverse county.

If we do get this referendum will it be one of those where we get to vote for or against a massive, single authority with no alternatives? Why not split the county into three or four big but not remotely-massive unitary authorities? We’d get more notice taken of us locally if we had a unitary authority covering Boston, East Lindsey coastal and Grimsby as an example. Same goes for people elsewhere in Lincolnshire. As it is now, here at the seaside edge of Lincolnshire we always seem to be last in the queue for anything. If we had our own unitary authority and others theirs we’d maybe be in with a better chance than if people over in Lincoln called all the shots for our area.

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