Council should fulfil democratic responsibilities

EDITOR – At the last Market Rasen Town Council meeting, held on October 3, we were given a excellent report by Coun Lynda Bowen on the recent seminar she had attended on localism.

She raised a very important point that the town council could become more responsible for many services as long as 75 per cent of the council members had been elected.

A question arose from this on the cost of an election, and the mayor estimated the cost at around £2,000. This brought a reply from another council member: “What a waste of money.”

I find this comment not only inappropriate, but an insult to all the people who died in the war fighting for democracy.

If the council is not just a group of bureaucrats, the council member or indeed the full council should apologise to all those who lost family members fighting for our democracy.

Perhaps if members were to read the new 2011 Localism Act, they might be able to better understand who they are meant to be representing on the council.

Nigel Cook

Market Rasen