Cosy feel to Caistor cafe

Tea Cosy Caistor sixth birthday
Tea Cosy Caistor sixth birthday

EDITOR – I have recently been going through my phone and found this picture from the Tea Cosy Cafe.

The picture shows the turn-out for its six-year birthday.

The cafe is not known much of as it is at the back of the Caistor Loco shop. For good quality and great service I would recommend it to anyone.

I have been to the Heritage Centre, which states on the bottom of the sign outside it is the best cafe in Caistor; considering this place is supposed to be a library and about the heritage, there is no heritage about it.

The focus is on the cafe, where I have been recently, and had a milkshake. I felt like it was an awkward environment where I felt like they served you and that was it done, whereas at the Tea Cosy Cafe the one staff member there is constantly interacting with customers and you instantly feel like you have walked into a relaxed and friendly environment.

For great service and quality and value for money I would recommend the Tea Cosy Cafe as the best cafe in Caistor.

Gayle Pixsley

Tea Cosy number one fan, along with many others