Concerned over patient care

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EDITOR – I feel I must write to you about my local health care centre.

I was in need of a doctor and rang on the morning of October 26 at 8.40am – please bear in mind the surgery opens at 8.30am. I was told there were no appointments and the receptionist told me to ring back in the morning.

I asked if I could book an appointment and she said the first bookable appointment was November 4 – that was nine days away. My other option was to go to a walk-in centre in Grimsby.

I persevered with it and on October 27 at 8.33am I rang again – to be told all that day’s appointments had gone.

Now, I am a car user so I can go to Grimsby – not that I want to when my GP is two miles up the road, not 12 miles.

What about people who don’t drive or have not got a car at home during the day? How do they go about it?

Is this the norm with health centres? If it is not I need to be finding a new GP.

A very concerned health care patient