Comparison seemed ‘perverse’

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EDITOR – I bought two newspapers today in Rasen, one a national daily which highlighted the sacrifice of Captain Lisa Head RLC, who died of injuries in Birmingham sustained in attempting to defuse a Taliban Bomb in Afghanistan, the other the Rasen Mail, which ran a story by your reporter Dianne Tuckett, “Mum Coleen hits out at benefits system”.

I could not help but see the perverseness of the reporting of your story when laid against that of the story of Captain Head.

Your reporter would do well to remember that good people, like Captain Head are paying taxes and fighting and dying in far away places, while others continue to sponge off the state and live at the expense of the tax-payer.

I won’t be buying your paper again.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Cases such as that of Captain Lisa Head RLC are of course tragic, and I’m sure all of our readers appreciate the incredible job our armed forces do in very difficult conditions across the globe.

The point of this newspaper’s article, however, was not to pass judgment on the benefit system or to suggest that those who wrongly claim benefits should not be prosecuted.

Dianne Tuckett’s article told the story of a local mother who was unable to feed her two young children because of a mistake by HM Revenue and Customs.

As a local newspaper I felt it was our duty to try and help in this situation for the benefit of the children, and am happy to say that following our involvement the matter was resolved.