Collection - Thanks go to our caring community

As the proud Mayor of this wonderful town it gives me great pleasure to support many ventures and observe how our community react.

As a governor of De Aston School, I helped with a fundraising event for a food bank collection last week, supported by our friends at Tesco, to whom immense thanks must go for their fantastic help.

This support goes totally to help the wellbeing of learners within this academy and to help those families in Market Rasen that are less fortunate than most of us.

But, my main message is to the wonderful, kind people who live in our community who gave their heart and soul last week.

I have seen a lot of things during my life but the generosity of the majority here was truly spectacular.

On behalf of the school and our town, I thank you sincerely.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.

For those who passed comment about Universal Credit and Social Benefits, just think yourselves very lucky you don’t know what I do, or live within these conditions.

John Matthews

On Behalf of 
De Aston Welfare Fund