Clearing up waste matters

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EDITOR – In my position as the lead councillor for waste services at Lincolnshire County Council, I hope you will allow me to make several points clear.

Much as I respect and enjoy the company of my political sparring partner at both West Lindsey District Council and the county council, Coun Mick Tinker, I cannot agree with him on his view over the information/consultation available over the transfer station.

Also, this matter had been under discussion with WLDC for 18 months through the Waste Officers Group and the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership.

Additionally, Coun Tinker is aware that:

1. This item has been discussed at the Environmental Scrutiny Committee, at the county council. He has had, at all times, access to papers, and indeed Coun Tinker has had one-to-one information meetings with myself and our team.

2. We both visited the Louth Waste Transfer Station only a month ago to view the facility and to further discuss any outstanding concerns from Coun Tinker.

3. Two of our officers and myself attended an information event at Roses pavilion on a very cold January night. Unfortunately, not enough town councillors were present to make the meeting quorate, although some 20 members of the public were present, so the chairman allowed the presentation.

The outcome of this meeting was support from the vast majority present (in fact I did not see one hand raised in objection), and an enthusiastic take-up of our offer to provide two mini-buses to take those present in the spring, to see the Louth waste transfer station, if they wished.

This landscaped warehouse, for that is what it is, is the same as the other three waste transfer stations which are being built countywide, and I am sure that it will have no adverse effect in relation to the area that it lies in, whilst providing West Lindsey with a facility to deposit its collected residential waste so it can be bulked up and delivered straight into the new energy from waste facility at Hykeham, due for completion in the autumn of 2013.

Lewis Strange

County councilor with responsibilities for waste services