Cinema - Can bygone days return to Caistor?

Just when you thought the grave containing all the old relics from days gone by was closed, along come the gravediggers harping and ashouting to bring back the ‘good old days’.

But to the tune of what? An estimated £13,500 to sit in some cold old town hall while watching a black and white un-restored silent movie of ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Nah - those bygone days when Old Alley Palley, the Flea Pit and the Odeon were packed to gunnels and the tears of laughter were mingled in with the tears of smoke from those Woodbines and during the break you would be topped up with drinks, crisps and more Woodbines - and all for sixpence - are gone.

But IF Caistor Community Cinema in the town hall can turn back the clock to exactly this very same format, I would be first in the queue - every Friday night of the week.

N Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor