Christmas market a big let-down

EDITOR – Are the Market Rasen Town Council Bonkers!!!

The Market Place lights and tree look lovely, perfectly set up for a Christmas Market.

The light switch-on was set for 4pm, which ensured that only a handful of people could attend, then the beautifully lit-up Market Place emptied.

A walk through an unlit church path with lights that were installed during the town’s regeneration programme left unused again, a musical organ attached to a vehicle plonked on the church path, then to the Festival Hall car park, which had a handful of stalls in the corner looking very grim and uninviting, stalls inside the hall looking the same.

Why were the stalls not in the Market Place? What an absolute waste. People were wandering around not sure where to go due to lack of signage and lighting.

The Market Rasen Town Council show their lack of ability to co-ordinate a market on a weekly level, why did they have to destroy the town’s Christmas Market as well?

Beverley of Touches

Market Rasen