Christianity - Prime Minister is quite right

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Following the criticisms of the Prime Minister for stating that the Christian Religion has a place in British Society I would like to state that I belong to an organisation that in both The United Kingdom and The United States is the largest provider of Social Support Services in those countries voluntary sector, and 2nd only to the Governments of those countries.

The only reason that it is such is because it is firstly a Christian Church, and that it seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

The question to the Prime Minister’s critics must therefore be “ How many charitable organisations do you know that were founded by, or are managed by, those of an Atheist or Agnostic persuasion?”

The answer to that question may well indicate that the Prime Minster was correct in what he said.

I would add that In Market Rasen our “Citadel” is open every day of the week with a charity shop, lunch club etc as well as open on Sundays, of course!

On Good Friday our band and congregation joined the combined churches for a service in the Market Place and on Saturday the band played at the request of the Town Council for the opening of the new part of the Playing Field, by The Lady Mayoress.

The only “Horns” that we Christians have are the Tenor Horns in our band !

Our full time Commanding Officer is Envoy Anne Ward as you probably know!

Roger Bunting

Bandmaster The Salvation Army - Market Rasen