Children, parents and staff let down

Editor – I am writing in response to the article in last week’s paper about the closure of Racing Start Day Nursery.

Yes, indeed, all parents, staff and, most importantly, the children do feel let down by the county council and their efforts to find a relocation for this setting.

Racing Start was going to close well over a year ago until the county council came on board to help the nursery to find somewhere suitable, as they felt such a setting didn’t deserve to close.

But they now say they can no longer help. What a let down.

I know a property on King Street that would be ideal was looked into and is actually owned by the council.

The manager of Racing Start, who cannot be praised enough, is willing to pay the rent and to refurbish the building, so I feel unsure as to why this option was taken off the table.

I currently have two children who attend the nursery as I work full-time.

Last week’s article looked very good with all its numbers of other children, but what the article failed to print was that Market Rasen and Middle Rasen is only going to be left with one setting that opens during school holidays.

My son will soon be in his final year before attending school next September, so I don’t feel a childminder is appropriate for him and his needs to get him ready for school.

I have now been left with only one option and that is to give up work.

I am sure this matter could and should be looked into more as I feel the people of Market Rasen need and deserve a choice in where to settle their children into a setting and not be left with one pre-school setting open in the holidays.

Racing Start Day Nursery has a fantastic team of staff who work to a very high standard and would bloom if it was to relocate.

So surely there is something else that can be done to help the nursery move into the town.

Mrs Gilliott

Market Rasen