Cheer us up

EDITOR – Having read my weekly copy of the Market Rasen Mail, I feel compelled to write to you and ask the question- Why is it that the recent front page is yet again dominated by West Lindsey District Council news?

Whilst I am sure there is a credible argument for why such stories are in the public interest might I suggest there are many readers that would occasionally prefer to see headlines relating to more “positive and/or local” stories.

I am not for one minute suggesting that the WLDC stories are not reported. I am suggesting that in these times of economic doom and gloom, perhaps some promotion of good community activity and successes would support the town and surrounding area to create a greater “feel good factor”.

Market Rasen is lucky to still retain a weekly newspaper, as we have seen so many disappear over the years. That said, I as a resident of the area wish to see my local newspaper promoting the local area, local people and local businesses.

Whilst it would be wrong to assume reporters can be at every local event taking place, surely the role of the town’s newspaper is to engage with the community in whatever way necessary to ensure that fair and impartial reporting of local news can happen in a timely fashion.

I will give you an example of a missed opportunity. the other weekend was the latest MR BIG market, which I am led to believe was a huge success. however, unless I was able to attend or access social media I don’t seem to be able to find a report on how successful the event was or not as the case may be. Surely as the local town newspaper, this should have been a leading story this week?

A fantastic photo opportunity and a fantastic way to promote the town and contribute to the overall regeneration of the town. I fear that having not reported on the market at the earliest opportunity that it is now a missed opportunity.

Perhaps the Market Rasen Mail could consider having a stand at the next market to encourage local people to get in touch and report their local news? Get people interested and get interested back!

Unless you are able to visit the part time office in The Hub, there is very little opportunity to interact with the staff.

Come on MRM, show us what good local journalism and reporting is all about

John Smith

By email

EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t worry John we do have a stand on the November 3 market for all of our readers to come along and talk to us. Many thanks for your letter.