Charity: Why not help?

How many children’s charities in England alone are crying out for donations that would do no end in their particular fight and causes?

And what do we read in the Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday March 1?

With the headline ‘Police dealt illegal hare courser a crushing blow’, the article goes on to inform the reader that an illegal hare courser had his vehicle crushed to deter any others who are thinking of going down this same old road.

Now, while those that be in authority are shaking their heads in agreement, thus thinking what a wonderful job they have done taking a silver Honda CRV 4x4 to the crusher, they have done it without giving one thought about the money this vehicle could have raised for a children’s charity.

Because I for one know from past experience if one is to fall behind in owing money to those that be, they just come round and take your chattels, and believe me this can be very painful.

For having your chattels taken can bring tears to one’s eyes and you will never want to go through that again.

Nothing of sorts in this department goes to a crusher, but turns a pretty shilling.

So why are they flushing good money round the u-bend into the septic tank, when there are so many other well deserved children’s causes here in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that could benefit?

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor