Charity market - Appalled at the behaviour

As a member of the Town Council’s fundraising team, I am appalled to read the words printed in the Rasen Mail re Rob Jaques.

At one point even his wife told him to ‘give it a rest’ and go back in the shop, if this man thinks a donation from his shop was the make or break of how we set up the market then he is a very sad individual.

And with a huge thanks, so much of the majority of local shop owners in the High Street and surrounding locality, and beyond who supported the evening, the fact Jacques hardware did not support the event was no big deal.

This man supposedly supports a charity, it’s a shame he doesn’t support the hard work that went into that evening, so that many other charities could benefit.

He should be totally disgusted with himself, and if his qualm was nobody could see his shop, then by now you would have thought he would have built up a reputation with his customers in Market Rasen so they already know where he is located.

If he is disputing the time it take to set this event up, I am sure Market Rasen Town Council would welcome him on board next year to set up the event, so Rob it starts six months before, 9.00am on the day until approximately 11.00pm, please come and join us!

A member of the fundraising team