Chairman’s passing marks the end of an era for Lindsey community

EDITOR – The passing of Ian Watson-Smith on Sunday April 17 2011 will be sadly mourned by many people who read his lively and pointed letters in the Rasen Mail.

At 77 Ian’s life spanned nearly eight decades of world changing events.

The Second World War, Partition in India in 1948, the War in Malaysia, the Space Race, Gulf War and many others.

It was always about his West Lindsey community watchdog stance, that’s what we will remember.

We will miss his liveliness, his active community effort.

He was strongly opposed to the way funds were used on the Market Rasen Development Trust when all we really got out of it was a swish toilet that plays a little bit of music.

Ian Watson-Smith was buried at Kelsey Woodland Natural Burial Site in the village of North Kelsey where he had lived for the past 14 years.

He was one of the parish council members who gave the planning for the burial site his whole hearted support and stamp of approval in 2010.

At the end it was perhaps fitting that he was the first person to be buried at Kelsey Woodland.

I’m sure he will be happy there.

Ian lived a long, interesting and in many ways an exceptional life.

Born the eldest son of Walter Benjamin Smith and Lillian Kate Hall, Ian spent his most formative years as a young teenager in India, his younger brother was a baby when the family accompanied Walter Smith to fulfil a contract to build a dam for the Indian Government in 1945.

Ian was an air cadet at 17, RAF fighter pilot at 18 in charge of 24 men, an aero – engine designer at Rolls Royce, member of the Territorial Army in Leicestershire, mechanical and electrical engineer, transport manager at Heathrow Airport, freelance engineering consultant, project manager and technical author.

In retirement, Ian built his fourth house and, in 1999 campaigned to become an independent councillor for the Kelsey Ward, a seat he unfortunately lost.

Ian joined the voluntary sector and became a lay assessor for local care homes, founding member of West Wolds U3A, board member of the community council of Lincolnshire and a dedicated parish councillor for 10 years. His passing marks the end of an era.

Farewell my Friend

John Hadlow

Bleasby Moor