Caught out – now I’ve joined ranks of ‘wafflers’

EDITOR – I suppose at the end of the day it could be only a matter of time before someone saw through my disguise and found out that I was not in fact an Albert Einstein or English theoretical physicist Stephen William Hawking, in having the brain and knowledge to understand what is happening in our dear old Blighty.

And thus I take off my cap in acknowledgement to one C. Buck of Tealby, (MRM, Wednesday, March 23) who, when writing with such passion and eloquence, stopped me dead in my tracks in informing me of my very own weekly waffling.

And so thanks to C. Buck I have now joined a special club for the waffling society in which there are in fact well over a thousand of us, members who regularly write into Market Rasen Mail, with one being, so I’m told, a member of Parliament.