Casual dress is my attempt to engage youth

EDITOR – In reply to Christine Strong’s letter.

I’m sorry if my dress offended you but there was a reason for the casual dress.

I have been trying to get more young people to attend council meetings, this meeting especially, as it was the annual town meeting and not a formal council meeting.

Young people I’ve spoken to in the town see the council as a load of stuffy old men in suits.

When I taught in a school I wore a suit, collar and tie; this showed some form of authority. Some young people still see this dress code as some form of authority.

The barriers need to come down once in a while to show that we are human. If trying to connect with the youth offends some people, so be it.

I haven’t any gardening clothes, my wife does the gardening. Do wellies count?

Ken Bridger

(ex-mayor of Market Rasen)