Car Parking - Make your voice known

The Rasen Mail has reported that fees and charges for car parks in Market Rasen are once again being ‘reviewed for consideration’ by a Conservative-controlled committee at West Lindsey District Council.

West Lindsey claim they need to recoup the £10,000 a year that the Market Rasen car parks cost to run so charging is their answer.

To recover less than £30 a day, they are prepared to take away the ‘free parking’ advantage that Market Rasen enjoys for in-town shopping - a key benefit to the town.

The result would be a massive loss of trade in Market Rasen.

WLDC have already recognised this. The draft Central Lincolnshire plan states that ‘Market Rasen has a more localised role than Gainsborough, Lincoln and Sleaford, ... and suffers from significant leakage to larger centres.’

West Lindsey District Council seems intent on ripping the heart out of Market Rasen.

The proposed charges are apparently fairly modest (up to 2 hours 20p, 2-4 hours 35p, over 4 hours 50p), but as the proposals ‘would need to be re-assessed after a full year’s costs and income are available for analysis’ there will be nothing to stop a relentless annual increase in charges if they are brought in.

In Gainsborough for example the intention is to increase existing charges to 90p or £1.00 for 2 hours. Is this what WLDC is planning for Market Rasen?

Moves to impose parking charges have always been thrown out in the past – due to the uniformly hostile response from residents and traders in the Market Rasen area. The community needs to make its voice heard once again.

WLDC are currently consulting on the draft Central Lincolnshire plan

Officers will be on hand to listen to residents concerns and comments and answer any questions at:

9 October 4pm – 7pm - Caistor Town Hall

13 October 4pm – 7pm - Rasen Hub, Market Rasen

Why not let WLDC know what you think of parking charges in Market Rasen?

Guy Grainger,

King St, Market Rasen