Car parking - Charging is not the answer

I can understand the reasoning but not the logic made by West Lindsey District Council in wishing to charge for parking in Market Rasen to stop people from using the town’s car parks as a park and ride to get to Lincoln and Grimsby.

For some time, the town council has opposed planning applications for new housing in Market Rasen because of the lack of parking facilities, only to see the district council overrule its concerns.

Residents cannot park on the majority of town centre streets so have no alternative but to use the car parks.

In the end, will the only alternative be to build a small multi-storey car park?

Are the costs of installing this parking scheme and managing it really going to be covered by the estimated income?

Also, there are many areas of Market Rasen in a dreadful state following the autumn leaf fall – yet no street cleaner has been seen.

One area in question is Willingham Road between Legsby Road and Cranebridge, where the gutters are full of leaf mulch with drains blocked.

If this is to be a likely future cut, I believe it is an area that the county council has already decided not to clear.

Keith Franklin

by email