Can the streets not be swept at a better time?

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EDITOR – As a concerned tax payer living in Caistor, I have to question the sense of sending the loud and noisy road sweeper around at 7am on a weekend.

Do the council not realise that hard working tax payers deserve a lie-in on Saturday and Sunday?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to ensure the streets are clean on a weekday, when people are already awake for work and have moved their vehicles from the road side?

I cannot be the only person who has been woken by this noise pollution. All I can think is that the concerned council member who consented for this operation does not live in Caistor, or near a main road.

Surely a weekend is not an acceptable time for this? I accept that the roads have to be clean, but surely a week day would be more suitable.

Why is Caistor subjected to a weekend noise inconvenience? Or at least why so early in the morning?

Kevin Wright

Nettleton Road