Caistor visit - Shocked at councillor

I came to Caistor in December of 2013 as my father Eric Anderson passed away and I travelled over for the funeral.

Even though it was a very sad time I enjoyed the visit and I met some lovely people.

I am not happy about the language that will be used in this letter and I apologise if it offends anyone, but I need to use the correct words so you will understand how shocking and upsetting this event was to me and my family.

I arrived in Caistor for another visit on the May 23 to see my mum and spend time with my sister on her birthday.

We decided we would go to The White Hart on Friday the 30th to meet up with family and friends to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

The pub was very busy and everyone was having a good time, I must say that I was made to feel very welcome and was enjoying myself.

During the evening I noticed that my father’s friend Michael was sat in the pub talking to two other gentleman, as Michael was my father’s friend and he presented the eulogy as well as helping me and my family to carry my father’s coffin I thought I would go over and say hello.

Michael was telling the other two men about my daughter who he had met and that we lived in New Zealand, all four of us sat having a pleasant conversation, until after a while a woman I didn’t know approached the table and told Michael to get his “a**e up off his seat and get out of the f*****g pub.”

I got up from my seat to let Michael out and this is when the woman who I believe to be his partner approached me and told me to “leave her f*****g husband alone!”

She went on to tell me that I was “a w***e, a f*****g piece of s**t, a b***h and that I was not welcome in Caistor.”

She ranted on for a while in front of everyone in the pub, I can honestly say that I have never been so embarrassed or humiliated in my life.

After they left I was approached by an incredible amount of people who asked if I was okay, people were concerned but I found it worrying that not one of them was shocked by her behaviour, showing me that this outburst must have been quite normal.

To make this long trip to visit family and see my father’s grave for the first time was very tiring and stressful as it was, but to then be verbally attacked in public and to find out this person is a councillor I find to be disgusting.

I enjoy Caistor and its residents, but from an outsider this woman is devious, nasty and an embarrassment to the local council and made my visit less enjoyable.

Susan Blackledge

Dunedin, New Zealand