Caistor Tree - Few can match town’s magic at Christmas

Standing proud in the middle of Caistor Market Square, it was wonderful to see the majestic Christmas tree in all its glory, lifting the spirt and warming the hearts of the whole community during this bleak, cold, biting weather and dark winter nights.

Many thanks to Sealord Caistor Ltd for its generous sponsorship and noble gesture in providing the Christmas tree for Caistor on an ongoing annual basis.

For the last 11 years, the beautiful tree and lights have been fully sponsored by Sealord Caistor Ltd.

This sponsorship was initiated and sustained by Sealord’s managing director, Keith Brown, who had a vision of ensuring that Caistor would have a tree that would bring joy and cheer to this historic market town during the festive period.

Over the years, Caistor has also been indebted to those companies and individuals who, free of charge, have supplied transport trucks, cranes, labour and resource, thus ensuring that the magnificent tree has always been provided and put up at no cost whatsoever to the people of Caistor.

Companies such as Hird Cranes (Hull), Hedges Chilled Distribution Ltd and Hansard Haulage have been key pilgrims to the Caistor shrine every year come hail, rain, sleet or snow.

One of the most important and onerous jobs in the process is the ornate decoration of the tree with lights. This task is meticulously performed every year by John Burns-Salmond, with a touch of the master’s hand.

The tree is surely the most impressive in the whole of Lincolnshire and brings great civic pride to the residents and raises the morale within the town during this season of friendship. It is an image aspired to by many towns, but replicated by few.

It also attracts numerous visitors from far and near.

Covered in multiple white lights, the tree exudes the feel and charm of a Victorian festive scene.

Caistor is endowed with many great schools and it is a delight at this time of year to see the joy on children’s faces as they stroll with their parents around the alleys and Market Place gazing in amazement at the stunning illuminated tree, which helps make Christmas the most magical time of the year for them.

Every year, it is a great team effort on behalf of Caistor and many thanks again to all those who have helped in whatever way possible, ensuring that the joy of Christmas is nurtured and fostered for the benefit of this wonderful community.

The winds will soften, the frost will melt, but fond memories of the star-crested Christmas tree shrouded in a mantle of white lights and surrounded by wide smiles and happy faces will always remain in people’s thoughts and affections.

A happy Christmas and bright new year to everyone.

Mike Galligan

By email