Caistor - Shocked at town welcome

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My first reaction on reading the letter sent in by Susan Blackledge from Dunedin, New Zealand whilst in the White Hart Pub in Caistor, England, was nothing more than pure shock and utter disgust at the manner in which Susan was bombarded with language that in its form of pure filth from another person of the same gender makes this particular case of the highest nasty order. Market Rasen Mail. Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

True respect should be placed in the hands of the proper authorities in giving out the help that is much needed, for a woman who while thinking she’s the top dog in her own town, getting away with blue murder here in Caistor at the cost to our visiting friend from New Zealand, would be a different kettle of fish in say Grimsby.

And if Michael knows this woman who speaks to him as though he were a piece of dirt, then find ‘Help!’, and, failing this, there is always the old method that our parents used when a foul world left out mouths, and it doesn’t cost a great deal for a ‘Bar of Soap’.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor

P.S.Susan, I like to think that this one off misdemeanour won’t keep you from coming back to Dear Old Blighty in the near future, because remember your family is worth a million times more than one foul mouthed female of the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ variety.