Caistor - Shergar or Mafia in town?

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As I was rounding the bend into Horsemarket from the Nettleton road end of Caistor the other evening something caught my eye causing me to do a double take and almost put my car into the row of parked cars. If it had been the “nose in” parking ridiculously proposed (well said J Hollt on that issue), I would have had an accident.

What had caused this sudden jolt to my system was the most unexpected sight of a horse’s head peering down at me. I then remembered reading the odd snippet about this sculpture in our local press. However I was expecting this to be an elegant wood carved representation of its species not the living soul of Shergar or the grisly nag you wake up to find next to you if you have got the wrong side of the Italian mafia.( now, now, no comments from you people who say you wake up next to a grisly nag most mornings).

I was born in the house virtually opposite this equine feature and I am sure that if my mum had turned her head and seen this horse gazing at her she would have had an attack of the vapours and I would have popped out a Libran rather than a Scorpion.

What bothers me is what the poor little mites will think on their first day at school as they trudge up Boys Hill clinging to their parents hand and seeing half a horse stuck through the railings. Where’s the rest of the beast? school dinner? the older kids mind you will soon be astride the thing shouting “wagons roll” or Yippy yi yay” I personally think this horse seems to be out on the fringes of Horsemarket and would be better sited out of reach and further in, perhaps on one of the houses opposite the spa shop where I believe, there, a “godfather” of our local authority resides. Quite appropriate really, a jest only but a different site for our nag one thinks?

Rob Chapman

Caistor resident