Caistor - Problems with nose in parking

I am totally against nose in parking in Horsemarket, Caistor, as it causes great problems to the traffic flow , even if the parking is only on one side of the road.

If you had nose in parking on both sides it would be absolute mayhem.

I would point out that double and triple parking occurs on a daily basis parallel with the kerb outside Spar shop so I see no reason why it would stop if one sided nose in parking was introduced.

If someone decides to back out from a nose in position they will

1 obstruct the carriageway totally, stopping traffic altogether

2 have great difficulty turning through 180 degrees in one half of the carriageway as it is narrowed down by the other cars and

3 what happens at night with no sidelights/reflectors visible to oncoming traffic- that is illegal anyway.

Perhaps the coffee shop/arts /heritage centre should have heeded the comments about foot access and lack of car parking before siting it there, as I suspect that is a big part of the problem in Horsemarket.

Jonathan Holt

By email