Caistor - Development not suitable

I have been a Caistor resident for many years and my family for much longer. I feel very loyal to Caistor and am always pleased to hear of good news and plans that will help caistor and it’s residents.

The news regarding this development however, stuns me beyond belief.

Caistor as we all know is an old Roman settlement, with some lovely historic buildings, scenic views, and loyal and friendly residents.

We already have 2 major developments, Navigation lane, and North Kelsey road offering affordable and varied choice of housing! both of which have stalled due to the lack of buyers in the area. In these two developments Caistor offers new residents and the younger population ample choices to buy.

The last Thing we need is another development, let alone one built on some of the only greenfield and scenic sites we have available. This to me is utter madness.

Should anyone say that an access road onto Brigg Road in that specific location is a sensible and viable idea then they need to take a wake up pill, as I and many local residents are aware that this is one of the worst, dangerous roads we have in and out of caistor, already overused by heavy and speeding traffic and according to the plans, located just ahead of an awkward and notorious bend.

Even the consideration of this development is hard to understand. Some people have no shame, and although that may sound harsh, this is not someone who is thinking of how to develop and improve caistor, this is simply “ a selfish and shameful retirement fund”.

I’m all for development, and improvement of housing but come on !

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