Caistor - Council makes a difference

With all the hype about political debates in the news at the moment, we are sure you are aware that there is a general election on 7th May.

However, elections for district and parish councillors will also take place on this date.

So what do local councils do?

Your local council has an overall responsibility for the well being of your local neighbourhood.

Their work falls into three main categories.

Representing the local community

Delivering services to meet local needs

Striving to improve the quality of life in the local area

Caistor Town councillors are busy volunteers who have the community at heart and want to help make a difference for the benefit of their town.

If you are interested in becoming a town/parish councillor and want to know more, either contact the clerk, Helen Pitman, on 01472 851679/ email or download the NALC booklet “It Takes All Sorts”.

Helen Pitman

Caistor Town Clerk