Caistor Co-op: Pleased plan has fallen down

Perhaps I am in a minority, but I am relieved that the council have abandoned their plan to buy the former Caistor Co-op building.

Had it gone ahead it had the potential to rival the “groundnut scheme” in Tanganyika in the 40s. It seems we, the council tax payers, have ‘issues’ to thank for this about face.

The use of this word in the present day parlance usually has negative connotations, this seems a misuse of a vague word.

Clearly in the absence of a credible business plan, the alarm bells should have rang when a slick operator like the Co-op offered a ‘cashback’ (I am informed).

I trust the council did not need the services of Stephanie Flanders to tell them you cannot produce tenants, both private and business, just by having accommodation for them.

Doubtless the meeting held behind closed doors was to avoid egg being wiped off faces being seen in public.

When I look to the future, I am filled with foreboding that our councillors have the mandate to spend our money on such an enterprise by a “public consultation process” involving just 100 people.

It is well known that a frustrated purchaser, far from being deterred, is spurred on to greater efforts. Very worrying.

Perhaps Caistor’s famous derelict building will be the next target. I would be concerned about this, but for the fact that the proposed rules regarding CPO’s leave so many loopholes that I am sure this will not happen in my time.

Anyway, word has it, that the owner of this eyesore believes that if he waits long enough the valiant Mick Gilligan will tidy the building at the tax payers expense.

I am sorry to be a dissenter and realise that being a councillor requires dedication that few of us possess.

It is a bed of nails.

I will not call myself a vox populi because clearly I am in the minority. However, my mother always told me to be cautious.

Paul Snell

Lincoln Drive, Caistor