Busy roads... at a quiet time

EDITOR – I have just spent eight minutes in a traffic queue from the Market Place to pass through the new lights at Oxford Street at 6pm – a comparatively ‘quiet’ time.

I appreciate the road closure in Chapel Street is a contributory factor to this. However, I cannot understand why a right filter light for eastbound traffic in Queen Street intending to go up Oxford Street (and onwards to Tesco’s) has not been included in the new set-up?

Two sets of pedestrian traffic lights have been installed in Queen Street/Market Place since we moved here in the 1980s and now another set with ‘pedestrian’ push buttons has been added, with apparently little thought for the motorist.

I was hoping the powers that be would realise the traffic waiting to turn right from Queen Street towards Tesco’s is the main cause for traffic congestion in the town centre and that a ‘filter’ light at the Oxford Street crossroads could alleviate the problem – but apparently not.

I look forward to the summer coastal traffic and race days!”

Stuart Britton

By email