Broiler unit: Can’t stand in way of progress

I’m afraid to say that the England of Today, Is not the England of Yesterday, and while I hold every sympathy for those folk at North Owersby in trying to prevent Mercer Farm Poultry in it’s submitted application to build 6 x broiler rearing units and associated buildings on agricultural land off Gulham Road, “One Should Never Stand in the Way of Progress”.

For as the population in England alone reaches over 65 million, we must swallow our pride in thinking to the future generations, who need to be fed and watered, and what better way is there than to Build and to Build for that purpose.

And if the truth be known when giving a little thought by these good people of North Owersby, then I’m sure their minds will change and in the not too distant future instead of reading “Residents Fight Against Broiler Plans”, Market Rasen Mail. Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

We will thus read “ Residents Fight For Broiler Plans”, and when this takes off in a big way, what about another company coming in to “Build Pig Units?”, on what at the end of the day is only, “Worthless Agricultural Land”.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor