Blame game

EDITOR – The statement in your paper last week by West Lindsey District Council Leader Burt Keimach on pigeon nuisance stretched my credulity to the limit.

It reminds me of when, as children, we used to play ‘pass the parcel’. I understand Section 106 money is held by West Lindsey on behalf of the people of Market Rasen, so the parcel has stopped with West Lindsey where it belongs.

Surely, Coun Keimach is aware that pigeons, along with several other bird species, are roosting birds. They will always migrate to where people are living.

To pontificate about people feeding them is trying to blame the people of Market Rasen for West Lindsey’s own failure to get on top of this problem.

Market Rasen Town Council appears to be powerless except as a talking shop. Stop blaming the local people and solve this problem.

It is sad to try and hide behind health and safety as West Lindsey could shoot themselves in the foot with this.

They have closed the footpath so now people have to walk in the road, sometimes laden with their shopping, to go under the bridge. This has made the district council responsible for an even more dangerous health and safety issue.

Nigel Cook

Market Rasen