‘Big society’ to help to cut crime

EDITOR – In light of the letters by Mr Jones and Nino Hoblyn re the world today, groups of youths and criminals think they can do what they like – but today’s criminals are getting younger than you think.

What can be done? I think Mr Jones and Nino Hoblyn are right by saying to people it is about time we did a bit more towards peace, privacy, social care and defending our own homes.

As everyone knows, the police can’t be in three or four different places at once.

Here is a very good exercise. Some of today’s youths think that if you look at them then you are breaking the law, and I would like to say there is no such law out there and never will be.

The reason why some of today’s youths and criminals don’t like people looking and watching them is because they want to carry on breaking the law, and that is why you see, in small towns like Market Rasen and Caistor, groups of youths who break the law and criminals who know what time the police are out and about. In big cities like London or Leeds, however, groups of youths and criminals can be fooled by the police.

Most of this criminal world is made up by TV and computer games, drugs and drink, fast cars, vans and motorbikes. But we the people become the victims the end of which is not fair.

Mark Boswell

Market Rasen