Be responsible!

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EDITOR – This letter is in response to Stuart from Mill Road’s letter.

Some people prefer cats, while others like dogs. I myself am a cat lover, but I do not blame dogs for their actions. I blame the owners.

It is their fault that their dog is not safely enclosed, that they escape and may harm themselves or others.

It’s these irresponsible owners’ fault that their dog may end up being put down after they’ve attacked a human.

Now tell me, is that caring when you put your animal at risk of that?

And every morning when I walk out of my gate, I have to mind where I walk so I don’t step in the dog mess that was NOT picked up by their owners.

Stuart, it’s not the cats’ fault that they get attacked. They don’t ask to be terrorised. Neither is it people feeding the cats, or the roaming dogs.

THE PROBLEM IS THE OWNER! Be responsible and respect others by controlling dogs.


George the cat’s mum

Market Rasen