Be ashamed at treatment of our brave armed forces

Editor – In this Orwellian country in which we live, where being English is a crime, where we are the most spied-upon nation upon this Earth and the most prejudiced against people, I thought there was nothing now that could be thrown at us. How wrong I was.

My astonishment knew no bounds when it was stated on the news that no-one was to send parcels out to the soldiers in Afghanistan over Christmas because it would ‘clog up’ the post.

These poor people are in an intolerable situation on the other side of the world for no other reason that they are forced to obey orders, and the only thing that gives them any joy is the fact that people care enough to correspond and send them rare treats and essentials.

Morale is at its lowest, they have little decent equipment to enable them to cope with this terrible situation.

All of the armed forces are being pared down to the bare bones, yet our service personnel are expected to perform as if they were at full strength.

I have absolutely no doubt that because we have no aircraft carriers left, and very few battle wagons left, that the Falkland Islands will come under siege again.

What will the Royal Navy send to defend our sovereign territory, Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory? It’s about the only vessel we have left.

What a sad day for England when we are told not to bother with our soldiers. It makes me so ashamed.

The Government should hang their heads and whoever it was who had the arrogance to make such a statement should be sacked immediately and named and shamed in all the papers.

G P Hoblyn