Banking - Disappointed at Market Rasen bank closure

I have banked with the Natwest since 1967 and for the last 33 years at the Market Rasen branch.

I was more than disappointed to learn of the branch closure as my wife and I have received excellent service from all the friendly staff over that period.

We have visited the branch at least once a week and I feel that the powers that be fail to recognise that a friendly, local service is more

important to the customer than on-line banking or the provision of a mobile bank a couple of hours twice a week!

As a result of this we regret that, like quite a few others, we have transferred our account to a different bank which continues to maintain a branch in Market Rasen.

We would like to thank all the current and past members of the Natwest staff at Market Rasen for their efficiency and excellent customer service.

It’s not your fault!”

Stuart Britton

Market Rasen

By email