Are residents fully aware of wind turbine applications?

EDITOR – The county council has issued its position statement, against the presumption for large wind turbines.

I hope that all residents from the Hemswell and Hemswell Cliff area will join the local anti wind farm lobby groups currently forming in many of the local villages.

However where West Lindsey District Council is minded to approve smaller single turbines for farms, they should be situated alongside the farm complex, rather than pepper potted across the countryside willy nilly, like pins sticking out of a pin cushion!

Conversely many farmers are also looking for other forms of technology – from solar panels, heat pumps and anaerobic digesters – these especially should be applauded and supported, and I hope all farmers will consider these methods before opting for turbines which in many residents’ eyes will ruin their outlook and may well affect the value of their properties.

The application for the three turbines at Normanby Cliff is attracting much interest, and some opposition as reported, this application will be going to the planning committee very shortly.

However two other applications both for two turbines, one in Grayingham parish, on the cliff top, in a field adjoining Uncle Henry’s, the other two sited near to the village of Waddingham seem to be attracting little comment.

These applications also go to planning, possibly later this month.

As the county councillor for the Waddingham and Hemswell areas of West Lindsey, I am most concerned that residents are not currently aware of a decision that will be taken that will affect their lives for the next 25 years.

I would ask that if they have views on these applications (for or against) they quickly contact also asking for receipt of their message.

Lewis Strange

County councillor for Ancholme Cliff division of Lincolnshire County Council