ACIS - Who is actually responsible

With regard to the Chief Operating Officer of West Lindsey District Council’s assertion ( Rasen Mail of 15th April) that ACIS is NOT responsible for the care of the elderly who live in what was sheltered accommodation, I would like to know then.. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?.

Just because the County Council chose to withdraw funding for wardens does not make the residents any less vulnerable or frail or in any less need!

The residents in the 9 complexes managed by ACIS have all in the past been medically assessed as needing to live in a sheltered environment with supervision, and were recommended to move to sheltered accommodation with wardens.

Their needs have not changed; they are unlikely to see an improvement in their health, but both West Lindsey District Council and ACIS have chosen to wash their hands of these, our own people, resulting in more pressure (and cost)on the GP and ambulance services, and in some instances traumatic and life-threatening experiences of residents such as the one reported on your front page earlier this month.

There is a need for wardens. There is a need for sheltered accommodation. Someone..have a heart please and find a solution.

We’re all going to need help one day.

Rosemary Walker

Middle Rasen