ACIS - Making position clear

With regards to last week’s front page lead on Acis, I feel that West Lindsey District Council must make its position known.

I would like to make it very clear that Acis is not a provider or a contractor for West Lindsey District Council, in terms of providing a warden service. There seems to have been some misunderstanding with regards to their role and we would like to clarify this.

The provision of warden-assisted sheltered schemes changed at the end of March 2014, when Lincolnshire County Council, which had previously provided funding, redirected the funding to the new Wellbeing Service.

Acis works closely with the council and welcomes constructive feedback, however, it needs to be made clear their responsibility is now that of a landlord. They do not have to provide a warden-assisted sheltered scheme.

As a council we will always seek to intervene at public meetings where inaccuracies and misrepresentation occurs.

Mark Sturgess

Chief Operating Officer, West Lindsey District Council