A158 - Road claims yet more victims

I see that the stretch of A158 eastward from Grange Farm to Thunker’s Hollow has claimed more victims.

From the safety of my kitchen window, I have seen too many flashing lights from emergency vehicles and visits of the air ambulance signalling crashes on that short stretch of road.

With two small crests, deceptive changes in direction and no room for even the thinnest of footpaths, this stretch has surely had enough accidents over the years to warrant some form of traffic calming or improved road warning signs. Perhaps the Highways Department could provide some facts and figures.

It only needs a small amount of surface ice or water, excessive speed or reckless driving to stretch the physical limitations of this short stretch of road – is it any wonder that accidents occur there so frequently?

The least we should do is warn visitors that the stretch is a genuine accident blackspot.

John Fearon

via email