A question for our MP

Editor – I would really be pleased to be given a true and honest answer by our illustrious local MPs to this question: what gives them the right to give away billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money in aid to continents such as Africa, who have endless wealth and resources, or to terrorists in Syria to overthrow their government, when the majority of the indigenous population do not want this?

It smacks of true arrogance to even think the population of this tiny island wants or even supports such generosity, even if we weren’t facing such adversity.

In short, we are all tired with the same old rhetoric of being informed, whether we like it or not, of how proud we can be to give so much.

While I have absolutely no objection, or indeed right to dictate, to anyone who wishes to donate individually to any charity of their choice (it is up to you to shop at Oxfam), all this mindless donating from the Government, along with what the EU demands from us and the endless occupation in Afghanistan on the orders of the good old USA, is utterly unsustainable.

We are forced to turn a blind eye to mass migration and immigration, which also costs billions – as does the ‘Barnett formula’, which gives our Scottish neighbours a much higher standard of living than any of us – free university places, free care.

My point is this – we are to lose a major children’s heart ward at St James’s in Leeds, as well as heart wards at Castle Hill Hospital. Great Ormond Street are so low on funding that they have to form a charity.

All our armed forces are being pared away to nothing, as are local services on which people rely so much, particularly in rural areas, and much more. People are so frightened these days to stand up and speak out as our freedom of speech is all but wiped out, and it is insulting to the English population to live in penury while their money is being used in a most flippant and frivolous manner.

I await your reply with interest, Mr Edward Leigh.

G P Hoblyn