£27K to exec but no money for public

EDITOR – Seeing your headline in Rasen Mail has made my blood boil.

I contacted West Lindsey District Council last week to complain about the state of the public footpath from Walesby Road down to the woods.

There is an area of grass at the start of the walk and a wooden seat which is used by local people and walkers.

The grass and weeds are chest high and the seat almost invisible - it’s a disgrace and what impression does it give of the town, also the hedge is overgrown and to get past without having to step in several deep puddles you have to bend almost double. I assumed that keeping the public areas clear is one of the things we pay council tax for.

I was informed that the council would have problems dealing with this because of lack of funds due to government cuts so you can imagine how it infuriated me to read that someone who had been suspended for gross misconduct has been handed £27,525 of taxpayers’ money.

It’s taken a long time to force the council to release this information. What else is there we don’t know about?

Judy Meakins

Market Rasen