Wragby Swimming Pool is now making a big splash!

Wragby Swimming Pool
Wragby Swimming Pool

Just two years ago, Wragby Swimming Pool was in a bad state of repair, under used and on the brink of closure.

Since then an incredible transformation has taken place and the community-run pool is now thriving.

A huge amount of money has been raised, funding things like new lockers, a heating system, painting and resurfacing of the bottom of the pool.

Swimming pool manager Davina Ness said: “I took on the pool when it was on its last 

“It was at a point where it might have closed.

“We’ve completely turned it around.

“Myself and the committee are jointly very proud of the pool, the way it’s run and the way it’s been brought back from the brink of disaster.

“It’s in a solid place now.”

And Ms Ness said the committee now has money in the bank to fund any repair or maintenance work that may be needed.

She said: “There’s money there for any problems there may be. It’s brilliant.

“If anything happens we can sort it and won’t be under threat of closure, which is 

Ms Ness said the pool used to have a reputation for being ‘dirty and cold’ - but that is no longer the case.

“People used to complain the pool was dirty 
and cold.

“Now it’s nice and warm in the changing rooms and the temperature of the water is always kept really warm - it’s always 29 degrees or above.

“And we scrub the building from top to bottom to keep it spotlessly clean,” she 

The swimming pool is located behind Wragby Town Hall.

It is run by a committed group of volunteers and there is a separate group dedicated to fundraising.

Ms Ness said: “We’ve got a new committee and every one of the committee members is inspired to get on and do things.

“And we’ve now got a group dedicated to fundraising - the Friends of Wragby Swimming Pool.

“A lot of fundraising was done to help turn the pool around.”

The pool opened in 1998 after a massive community fundraising project.

It is now open every day of the week except Thursdays.

For information call 01673 857776.