Wragby Show Results in Full

The 30th Wragby Show and Country Fayre was held on Sunday September 2 and was a resounding success with crowds pouring in soon after the gates opened.

The weather remained fine, and it was apparent that a good time was had by all.

Entries for many of the various classes were up, and competition in these categories was strong.

Raffle tickets were completely sold out in record time and the main prizes were won by: 1st £100 Eddie Humphreys, 2nd £50 R Roberts, £30 Frank Mumford.

Fruit and Vegetables, Judge: P Maddison.

Class 1, Potatoes, any variety x3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, T Smith.

Class 2, Cabbage, any variety x1. 1st Norman Birkett, 2nd T Smith.

Class 3, Carrots, any variety with tops x3. 1st C Brocklebank, 2nd Shelly Clack, 3rd C Brocklebank.

Class 4, Parsnips, with tops x3. 1st N Birkett, 2nd C Brocklebank.

Class 5, Beetroot, with tops x3. 1st Mel Jacobs, 2nd T Smith, 3rd N Birkett.

Class 7, Vegetable Marrow, any colour x1. 1st C Brocklebank, 2nd N Birkett, 3rd D Read.

Class 8, Vegetable Marrow, heaviest. 1st C Brocklebank, 2nd H Healey, 3rd Phil Smith.

Class 9, Pumpkin, heaviest. 1st M Jacobs, 2nd Mr Hopper.

Class 10, Onion with top, heaviest. !st Mr Hopper, 2nd P Smith, 3rd Jennie Ransome.

Class 11, Onions x3. 1st T Smith, 2nd P Smith, 3rd N Birkett.

Class 12, Leeks, with tops x3. 1st, 2nd A Bruntlett, 3rd Eric Cook.

Class 13, Shallots, any variety x5. 1st, 2nd C Brocklebank, 3rd J Ransome.

Class 14, Tomatoes x5. 1st, 2nd T Smith, 3rd E Cook.

Class 15, Tomatoes, unusual variety including cherry x5. 1st Keith Kettleborough, 2nd E Cook, 3rd T Smith.

Class 16, Runner Beans x5. 1st E Cook, 2nd, 3rd T Smith.

Class 17, Runner Bean, longest. 1st T Smith, 2nd N Birkett, 3rd E Cook.

Class 18, Cucumber x1. 1st C Brocklebank, 2nd H Healey, 3rd T Smith.

Class 19, Herbs, three different. 1st Shelly Clack, 2nd Shirley Barnes, 3rd A Ransome.

Class 20, Apples, any variety x3. 1st Lesley Wilson, 2nd E Cook, 3rd Jo Bailey.

Class 21, Blackberries x9. 1st, 2nd T Smith, 3rd L Wilson.

Class 22, Plums, any variety x3. 1st N Birkett, 2nd, 3rd T Smith.

Class 23, Flora-Vegetable, any one vegetable and one cut flower. 1st S Read, 2nd T Smith, 3rd E Cook.

Class 24, one unusual or novelty shaped fruit or vegetable. 1st E Cook, 2nd J Ransome.

Class 25. display of vegetables, fruit and/or herbs. 1st Brenda Bodily, 2nd E Cook, 3rd N Birkett.

Floral Art, Judge: M Thornicroft.

Class 26, a display of Foliage only. 1st G Wait, 2nd Pauline Curtis.

Class 27, ‘2012, What a Year’, any display - limit two feet. 1st P Curtis, 2nd G Waite.

Class 28, a disply incorporating a wine or drinks bottle. 1st G Waite.

Class 29, arrangement of own theme - any foliage and flowers. 1st P Curtis, 2nd G Waite.

Flowers, Judge: M Rowett.

Class 30, Pot plant - foliage. 1st W Pickwell, 2nd A Bruntlett, 3rd Angela Wilson.

Class 32, Pot plant in bloom. 1st Janice Bones, 2nd W Pickwell, 3rd B Bodily.

Class 34, Asters any variety x3. 1st, 2nd E cook, 3rd T Smith.

Class 35, Dahlias, any variety x3. 1st W Pickwell, 2nd E Cook, 3rd T Smith.

Class 36, Rose x1. 1st W Pickwell, 2nd Mel Jacobs, 3rd Ann Ransome.

Class 37, Gladiolus x1. 1st T Smith.

Class 39, A collection of flowers, max nine blooms. 2nd E Cook.

Crafts, Judge: S Frecldington.

Class 40, A hand knitted item or garment. 1st Joan Howson, 2nd Shirley Anderson, 3rd B Bodily.

Class 41, A piece of embroidery or cross stitch. 1st Nellie Cook, 2nd Ambridge.

Class 42, A painting or drawing, any medium. 1st Mrs Teanby, 2nd Mrs Pinney, 3rd Mrs Teanby.

Class 43, ‘New from Old’, an item made from something else. 1st Andrea Ward, 2nd Alison Leffler, 3rd Dorothy Warr.

Class 44, Any other item (hand made) not in other classes. 1st Shirley Barnes, 2nd Mr Hopper, 3rd Anne Browne.

Home Brewing, Judge: A Frecklington.

Class 51, Any dry white wine. 1st, 2nd Tom Herrick.

Class 52, Any social wine. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Steve Eddows.

Class 53, Any beer. 1st, 2nd T Herrick.

Class 54, Any cider. 1st Harvery Howson, 2nd, 3rd T Herrick.

Class 55, Any flavoured liqueur. 1st T Herrick, 2nd Pam Machin, 3rd Misty Culpin.

Photography, Judge: J Edwards.

Class 56, Photograph where the subject is predominantly white. 1st Shelly Clack, 2nd M Culpin, 3rd A Bruntlett.

Class 57, Photograph entitled ‘Mud, Glorious Mud’. 1st S Clack, 2nd Sue Frecklingham, 3rd S Clack.

Class 58, Photograph entitled ‘Close Up’. 1st S Clack, 2nd S Frecklingham, 3 H Howson.

Produce, Judges: S Cartwright & Mrs Crabb.

Class 59, Jam made from stoned fruit x1. 1st Janice Bones, 2nd H Healey, 3rd G E Smith.

Class 60, Jam made from soft fruit x1. 1st G Waite, 2nd Suzanne Nicholson, 3rd G Waite.

Class 61, Jelly, any variety x1. 1st S Nicholson, 2nd Marion Sellars, 3rd Carol Sourfield.

Class 62, Marmalade x1. 1st G E Smith, 2nd H Healey, 3rd G E Smith.

Class 63, Curd, any variety x1. 1st Carol Sourfield, 2nd Mrs Sandy, 3rd J Bones.

Class 64, Chutney, any variety x1. 1st H Healey, 2nd S Nicholson, 3rd Dorothy Warr.

Class 65, Shortbread, any presentation. 1st Alison Sellars, 2 J Bones.

Class 66, Victoria sandwich cake, not decorated. 1st Clare Russon, 2nd Hazel Cliff, 3rd P Machin.

Class 67, Cheescake. 1st Sue Cosgrove, 2nd J Bones, 3rd H Howson.

Class 68, ‘Signature Cake’, any recipe. 1st Carolyn Gunner, 2nd Sue Cosgrove, 3rd G Waite.

Class 69, Savoury quiche or flan x1. 1st H Healey, 2nd S Barnes, 3rd G Waite.

Class 70, Bread rolls, any variety x4. 1st A Sellars, 2nd A Ransome, 3rd Phil Smith.

Class 71, Bread loaf using bread machine. 1st G Waite, 2nd A Sellars, 3rd H Howson.

Class 72, Flapjack using judges own recipe. 1st H Howson, 2nd B Bodily, 3rd A Ransome.

Class 73, Runny Honey x1. 1st, 2nd John Edwards, 3rd H Howson.

Class 74, Set Honey x1. 1st H Howson.

Class 76, Bottle of Mead x1. 1st T Herrick.

Class 77, Wax, x3 blocks. 1st H Howson.

Children’s Classes, Judges: E Dodds & J Howson.

Five years and under.

Class 1ch, Handmade monster using egg boxes. 1st Lilly Newland-Shepherd.

Class 2ch, A picture ‘My Favourite Thing’. 1st, 2nd L Newland-Shepherd.

Class 3ch, A flower, fruit or vegetable grown by the child. 1st L Newland-Shepherd.

6 - 9 year olds.

Class 4ch, A Model of a maze using any materials. 1st Charlie Newland-Shepherd.

Class 5ch, ‘2012, what a year’. Picture using any medium. 1st C Newland-Shepherd, 2nd Ellise Bernard, 3rd William Bailey.

Class 6ch, An item of baking made by the child. 1st C Newland-Shepherd, 2nd Evie Sadler, 3rd E Bernard.

10 - 15 year olds.

Class 7ch, A photograph, any subject. 1st Lorna Garrill, 2nd Lauren Clack, 3rd Elena Hallam, 4th L Garrill.

Class 8ch, Any craft item made by the child. 1st L Clack, 2nd Emily Osborne, 3rd Sarah Leffler.

Class 9ch, Design a Garden to include a Maze, to fit A4paper and own design. 1st William Bailey, 2nd L Clack, 3rd Cara Clack.

Class 10ch, Poster competition for Primary school children, design a poster promoting your favourite hobby or interest. 1st C Newland-Shepherd, 2nd Philippa Bailey, 3 C Clack.

Class 100, Family Scarecrow Competition - make a scarecrow with your family - a ‘person’ sized scarecrow. 1st The Newland-Shepherd Family, 2nd The Ford Family, 3rd The Ransome & Howson Families.


West Torrington farms trophy - most points in show - Greenfield Trophy - most points in vegetable and fruits classes, T Smith.

The Dave Paddison Trophy - Best Vegetable, C Brocklebank.

Burton Wilson Trophy - most points in Flower section, W Pickwell.

Jim Horton Challenge Cup - for floral vegetable class, S Read.

Boscastle Trophy - heaviest Onion, Mr Hopper.

Gilkes Thornicroft Trophy - most points in Floral Art, G Waite.

Woodcock Trophy - best photograph, S Clack.

Produce Trophy - most points in produce classes, H Healey.

Knight Trophy - most points in Craft classes, Mrs Teanby.

Linbrew Trophy - most points in Homebrew classes, T Herrick.

Shepherd Trophy - most points in Children’s Classes, L Newland-Shepherd.

Helping Hands Trophy - Poster Competition, C Newland-Shepherd.

Show Jumping Hunters and Ponies 2012.

Course Builder and Judge: Sharon Tomlinson.

Pony Section.

Class 1, Lead Reing Pony - H L & J L Bruntlett Perpetual Trophy. 1st Molly Crowder - Bingo, 2nd Ralfie Timmins - Saffy, 3rd R Timmins - Charlie, 4th Rachel McMumm - Connie.

Class 2, Accompanied - Eileen Bruntlett Perpetual Trophy. 1st R McMunn - Connie. 2nd Andrew Marriot - Pickwick, 3rd Albany Peplinski - CoCo, 4th Linda Norwood - JoJo.

Class 3, Novice Pony - Steve Alcock Perpetual Trophy. 1st Thomas Carthorn - West Holly, 2nd Georgie Marriot - Dee Dee, 3rd Frasier Cooke - Chester, 4th A Marriot - Pickwell.

Class 4, Intermediate Pony - Tim Allen Perpetual Trophy. 1st T Carthorn - West Holly, 2nd Daniella Johnston - Bramble, 3rd Melisa Hill - Ruby, 4th G Marriot - Dee Dee.

Class 5, Open Pony - Case Tractors Perpetual Trophy. 1st Tamsin Roark - Spot the Diff, 2nd D Johnston - Foxy, 3rd M Hill - Ruby, 4th Beth Sharp - Steam Towns Billy.

Horse Section.

Class 6, Novice Horse - Belinda Bee Memorial Trophy. 1st Kelly Linder - Brynwell Trefor, 2nd Ruth Medd - Dyago, 3rd Frances Dennis - Reve, 4th Isabel Timmins - Jake.

Class 7, Intermediate Horse - Rasen DIY Perpetual Trophy. 1st Diane Johnson - Sherry, 2nd Fern White - Gwen, 3rd Hannah Scully - Maddie, 4th Darbie Murphy - Jessys Lovely Tinker.

Class 8, Open Horse - B & C Clay Perpetual Trophy. 1st Michelle Stephenson - Funny Side. 2nd Molly Carter - Saffrodize, 3rd D Johnson - Sherry, 4th I Timmins - Corry.

Showing Classes, Judge: Penny Francis.

Class 9, Best Pony and Rider on lead rein - Rider 8 and under. 1st Lilly-Rose Carr - Colnel Hawkin, 2nd Isla Taylor - Little Boy Blue, 3rd Ted Dixon - Humphrey.

Class 10, Best Pony and Rider - rider over eight years. 1st Rachel McMunn - Sox.

Class 12, In Hand Mountain or Moorland - small - mare or gelding four years and above. 1st Claire Harrison - Anchor Kenidium, 2nd Isla Taylor - Little Boy Blue, 3rd Emily Tarantino - Fryers Designer Wedding, 4th Emily Kirk - Dinky.

Class 14, In Hand Mountain or Moorland - large - mare or gelding four years and above. 1st Marion Keenan - Glynhir, 2nd E Kirk - Dyago, 3rd Sian Booth, 4th Izzy King - Up Islaide.

Championship: Marion Keenan - Glynhir Mair.

Reserve Champion: Isla Taylor - Little Boy Blue.

In Hand & Ridden Classes, Judge: P Craft.

Class 15, ‘Fairene Trophy’, Hunter Brood Mare with own foal at foot. 1st Katie Kay - Candy, 2nd P R Nuttal - Waterford Fair Try, 3rd Rupert Worral, 4th Lilian Parker - Jessop Lady Jo.

Class 16, ‘Colin Cosgrove Trophy’ Hunter foal produce of mare in Class 12. 1st L Parker - Jessop Scarecrow, 2nd P Nuttall - Scotch on the Rocks, 3rd L Parker - Jessop Jimmy, 4th L Parker - Jessop Mystical.

Class 17, Best Cob and Cob Type, ridden horse or pony. 1st Darbi Murphy - Mr Mystical, 2nd Myra Donnelly - Nerquis Rupert Bear, 3rd Beth Searby - Layla, 4th Sam Taylor - The Admiral.

Class 18, Veteran Horse/Pony. 1st Liz Madley - Magic Orb, 2nd Aderign Walker - Belle.

Class 19, ‘Wragby Show & Country Fayre Trophy’, Ridden pony under 14.2h. 1st D Johnson - Bramble, 2nd D Murphy - Mr Mischief, 3 Hayley Bell - Shalamar Body, 4th India Norwood - Jo Jo.

Class 20, ‘Eileen Poskitt Perpetual Trophy’, Ridden horse over 14.2h. 1st Martin Leach - Romantic Proposal, 2nd Emma Watson - Shannon Dale Beatrix, 3rd Jane Baxter - Silver Messenger, 4th L Madley - Magic Orb.

Class 21, ‘Steer Trophy’, Working hunter pony under 14.2h. 1st D Johnson - Foxy, 2nd Heidi Clack - Castle Park Charlie, 3rd D Murphy - Mr Mischief, 4th Kate Johnson - Bobby.

Class 22, ‘Eileen Poskitt Perpetual Trophy’ Working hunter horse over 14.2h. 1st Isabel Timms - Corry, 2nd Sue Winship - Highland Spring, 3rd Carol Wilkinson - Holly, 4th Rosie Turbin - Moonlight.

Shire Horses 2012, Judge: H Gordon.

Class 1, Brood Mare with Foal at Foot - Ten Cap Caterin Shield. 1st B Winn - Winstead Rosemarie. 2nd D Cosgrove - Gautby Sunshine.

Class 2, Colt/Filly Foal - Holmes Challenge Shield, 1st D Cosgrove - Hainton Toby.

Class 3, Barren Mare 3 years and upwards - Walton Cup. 1st M Bray - Lady Emily, 2nd M Bray - Midnight Star, 3rd M Bingham - Nornay Alison.

Class 4, Yearling Colt, Gelding or Filly - Winn-Merrin Cup. 1st J & M Burkes - Ancholmes Lady Helen.

Class 5, Two Year Old Colt, Gelding or Filly - Dats Trophy. 1st W Balderstone - Ruskington Megan.

Class 6, Best Gelding 3 year and upwards - any breed. 1st M Bingham - Nornay Seth, 2nd Caroline Currie - Harry, 3rd Theresa Clark - West Fen Oscar, 4th J Cocks - Metheringham Upton Richard.

Class 7, Best matched and moving pair. 1st M Bingham - Nornay Alison & Nornay Seth, 2nd Mr Cocks - Metheringham Upton Richard & DorydwyGeorgie Joy.

Class 8, best Young Handler over 12 aqnd not over 18 on show day - J Nicholson & Co. Cup. 1st Oliver Chaffey - Ruskington Megan.

Supreme Champion - Herring Trophy: M Bray - Lady Family.

Reserve Champion - Jasmac Trophy: J & M Burkes - Ancholmes Lady Helen.

Beef Cattle Classes 2012, Judge: R Brown.

Class 1, Pedigree Cow which has bred. 1st W Hardy & Son. Lambley. Limousin.

Class 2, Pedigree Bull. 1st J W Laight. Boston. British Blue, 2nd C Fox. Doddington. Saler.

Class 3, Pedigree Heifer. 1st, 2nd J Laight. Boston. British Blue, 3rd M Brown. Ossington. British Blue.

Class 5, Best Commercial Heifer. 1st W Hardy & Son. Lambley. British Blue, 2nd J Laight. Boston. British Blue, 3rd C Fox. Doddington. Saler.

Class 6, Best Commercial Steer. 1st W Hardy & Son. Lambley. Limousin X, 2nd R J Wilkinson. Gainsborough. British Blue.

Class 7, Calf born on or after 1/1/12. 1st C Fox. Doddington. Saler X.

Class 8, Best Pair (Same or mixed sex). 1st W Hardy & Son. Lambley. British Blue & Limousin X, 2nd J Laight. Boston. British Blue.

Class 9, Young Handler (16 or under). 1st D AS I Haigh. Ossington.

Supreme Champion - Rushby Perpetual Trophy: J & W Laight.

Reserve Champion: W Hardy & Son.

Best Pair - Meakin Perpetual Torphy: W Hardy & Son.

Commercial Sheep Classes 2012, Judge: P Paul.

Class 1, Best single ram - yearling and upwards - any breed. 1st G W Allison. Thoresway. Beltex X, 2nd C A Allison. Thoresway. Beltex X, 3rd D & A Fenwick. West Firsby. Texel.

Class 2, Best single ram lamb - any breed. 1st C Allison. Thoresway. Beltex, 2nd E Coulson. Middle Rasen. Texel, 3rd G Allison. Thoresway. Beltex.

Class 3, Best haltered gimmer, any breed. 1st D & A Fenwick. West Firsby. X Bred, 2nd E Coulson. Middle Rasen. Scotch 1/2 Bred, 3rd A & P Schofield. North Owersby. Suffolk X.

Class 4, Best single ewe lamb to make gimmer. 1st C Allison. Thoresway. Beltex & Texel, 2nd G Allison. Thoresway. Suffolk X, 3rd G Allison. Thoresway. Belter X.

Class 5, Best unhaltered gimmer, any breed. 1st G Allison. Thoresway. Texel X, 2nd D & A Fenwick. West Firsby. X Bred, 3rd C Allison. Thoresway. Rouge X.

Class 6, Best ewe - any breed, 1st A & P Schofield. North Owersby. Texel X, 2nd E Coulson. Middle Rasen. Texel/Scotch 1/2 bred, 3rd G Allison. Thoresway. Beltex.

Class 7, Single butchers’ lambs. 1st C Allison. Thoresway Beltex X Texel, 2nd G Allison. Thoresway. Beltex X Texel, 3rd E Coulson. Middle Rasen. Texel X.

Class 8, Best Cade lamb shown by a child and presented to the judge. 1st Henry Stanton. Strubby Hall. Charolais,2nd George Stanton. Wragby. Charolais.

Supreme Champion - John Birkitt Perpetual Challenge Trophy: D & A Fenwick.

Reserve Champion - The Stapleton Trophy: C Allison.

Best Ram Lamb Shield: C Allison.

Best Cade Lamb Shield: H Stanton.

Rare Breed Sheep Classes 2012, Judge: Mr Smith of West Rasen.

Class 1, Best Male Rare Breed Primitive. 1st, 2nd, 3rd C Fletcher. Cadney. Hebridean.

Class 2, Best Female Rare Breed Primitive. 1st, 2nd T Lewis. Usselby. Shetland, 3rd D J & A J Pilham. Soay.

Class 3, Best Lincoln Longwool Ram. 1st Maurice Parker. Roughton, 2nd T & L C Newbolt, 3rd T Booth. Woodhall Spa.

Class 4, Best Lincoln Longwool Ram Lamb. 1st T Booth. Woodhall Spa, 2nd M Parker. Roughton, 3rd Jo Van Landeghen. West Ashby.

Class 5, Best Lincoln Longwool Ewe. 1st J Van Landeghen. West Ashby, 2nd T & L C Newbolt. West Ashby.

Class 6, Best Lincoln Longwool Ewe Lamb. 1st T Booth. Woodhall Spa, 2nd J Van Landeghen. West Ashby, 3rd T Booth. Woodhall Spa.

Class 7, Any other breed - male. 1st S Squire. Nettleton. Hampshire Down, 2nd Chris Wheeler. Gosberton. Olyland, 3rd S Squire. Nettleton. Hampshire Down.

Class 8, Any other breed - female. 1st, 2nd D J & A J Bickley. Bilham. Shropshire, 3rd A R Barker. Retford. Teeswater.

Class 9, Any other breed - female. 1st S Squire. Nettleton. Hampshire Down, 2nd, 3rd S Squire. Nettleton. Kerry Hill.

Supreme Champion - Les Thorne Trophy: D J & A J Bickley. Shropshire Ewe.

Reserve Champion - Polo Interiors Perpetual Trophy: J Van Landeghen. Lincoln Longwool Ewe.

Best Lamb in Show - Imp Glazing Perpetual Trophy: Maurice Parker. Lincoln Longwool Ewe Lamb.

Private Driving Classes 2012, Judge: G Docking, Sussex. Ring Stewards: Mr & Mrs Moncaster & G Brown.

Class 1, Private Driving. Open to horses and ponies, 4 years old and over to be driven to a suitable show vehicle. 1st John Dobson, 2nd I C Townsend.

Class 2, Pleasure Driving. Open to horses and ponies, 4 years old and over. To be judged on 15% vehicle suitability, fit & cleanliness, 15% harness suitability, fit & cleanliness, 70% driver/groom, horse/pony, way of going & suitability as a family pleasure animal. 1st Ali Finney. Woodhall Spa, 2nd Anne Rhodes. Bardney, 3rd Julie Tomkins.

Champion - The Arthur Clarke Challenge Trophy: John Dobson.

Reserve Champion - The Morrow Shield: I C Townsend.

Vintage Displays, Trophies 2012.

Car Trophies

‘Wragby Fish Bar Perpetual Trophy’ (The longest journey by a vintage vehicle): Mr Cowell. Bridlington. Austin Healey.

‘The Lincoln Audi Cup’ (Oldest vehicle): Dot Brown. 1929 Austin.

‘Pauline Lee Cup’ (Car the judge would most like to drive home): Adrian Wells from Lincoln.

Stationary Engine Trophies

‘Star Garage Perpetual Shield’ (Best stationary engine): Ian Rodgers from Spalding.

‘Ray Lincoln Trophy’ (Engine the judge would most like to take home): Colin Hutson from Thurlby.

Indoor Trade Stand - Jane Lee Artworks.

Outdoor Trade Stand - Mrs Peggy’s Country Cottage.

Poultry Section, staged by the East of England Poultry Club.

Show Champion: Mark Baumber. Tetford. White call duck.

Reserve Champion: M Chenery. Boston. White silkie.

Best Large: T Marshall. Keelby. Black Orpington.

Best True Bantam: W Jordan. Nr Gainsborough.

Best Rare Breed: D Geeves. Hogsthorpe. Yokohama male.

Best Hard Feather: C Thompson. East Kirkby. Modern Game.

Best Juvenile: E Dowse. Lincoln. Old English Game bantam.

Juvenile Reserve: W Bodon. Sleaford. Gold Sebright.

Best Eggs: M Chenery. Three bantam eggs.

Best Juvenile Eggs and Reserve: W Boden.