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Bingo and Parish Council

Family bingo - An increased attendance was recorded at the recent session in the town hall and proceeds amounted to £126.05 for hall funds.

The next session is this Saturday, June 13, with eyes down at 7.30pm.

Parish Council - There were only four nominations for Wragby Parish Council, with Julie Thacker, Kimberley Carnell, Nigel Bailey and Tom Buxton-Roxley elected unopposed following the recent elections.

All four attended the annual meeting in the town hall, together with clerk Steve Wallace, when Kimberley Carnell was welcomed to her first meeting and each read and signed their declarations of acceptance of office.

Julie Thacker was elected as chairman for the coming year, with Nigel Bailey as vice-chairman.

Tom Buxton-Roxley was appointed representative on the town hall management committee, while Julie Thacker volunteered to attend the four quarterly meetings of the Horncastle Area Committee.

Five members of the public were present and, during the public session, the main issues raised concerned highways, including the difficulty of accessing the A158 from their homes during busy periods.

The area’s PCSO reported on the police presence, following concerns young people were causing a nuisance in the town. He will continue to monitor the situation.